Better Healthcare with Cost Savings

For payers who want to reduce costs and improve pediatric patient outcomes, the Women & Children’s Health Alliance provides an opportunity to share cost savings with physician practices while improving pediatric patient health.

Clinical Excellence

Expand therapeutic capacity within the PCP offices to improve access and decrease cost for patients

A core outcome of WCHHA is to improve access to all pediatric providers. To achieve this goal, we strive for the following:

  • Expansion of psychological and mental health services
  • Next day subspecialist referrals per best practice protocol
  • Telehealth for appropriate specialty consultations
  • Develop chronic disease management to facilitate appropriate utilization of service to manage costs

Improve quality by measuring outcomes across a population and coordinating physician behaviors to improve clinical outcomes

By aggregating data from disparate EMRs, WCHHA has the ability to implement care protocols to direct care to high quality, low cost providers; saving money for patients, insurance companies, and employers.

Establish evidence based standardized care protocols for pediatrics

Every practice that has joined WCHHA has at least one person on the Quality committee. The committee meets regularly to establish best practice guidelines and implement care protocols designed to improve care.

Cost Reduction

Reduce cost by eliminating duplication of services

By measuring and monitoring care delivery in real time through a care management platform, we can help practices deliver care to avoid duplication of services.

Reduce costs by utilizing condition-appropriate site of care

Through effective care protocol development, WCHHA can help practices and patients direct care to the most appropriate site of care.

Engagement with independent practices

WCHHA has care managers tasked with engaging with each practice to support them with the care management services that they need to transition to value based arrangements.

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